Interactive Presentation Design Training & Prices

Upgrade your PowerPoint skills and learn how to generate amazing presentation ideas and designs for education, business, events or even job interviews.

NEW! Interactive Presentation Training now being delivered remotely. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, training sessions have now been adapted for remote delivery online. The training has also been tailored for instructing you and your team on how to create presentations that can be set up and sent as “interactive shows” or videos” than be viewed by an audience remotely on their smart device or computer. Please get in touch for details!

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You don’t need to be a graphic designer. Just a competent user of IT. A basic understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint is beneficial but some of the basics are covered as part of the training session.

You will need access to a computer/laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint.

What will I learn

You will learn how to plan and design a PowerPoint presentation with audience interaction in mind. As part of this you will discover some neat little PowerPoint design hacks and learn how to create non-linear, dynamic presentations that put your presentation into the hands of your audience. You will also learn how to use PowerPoint as a fun tool by developing your animation skills.

Training Options 

There are two options available:

1) Half day structured training session (3 hours) step by step practical tutorial using templates and resources provided.

2) Full day training session (6 hours) includes the structured training session in the morning plus an opportunity to create your own presentations from scratch in the afternoon session with the instructor being on hand to support and advise on your designs. The full day training will end with a show and tell session to showcase your new presentation creations to the other participants. (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS IN PERSON TRAINING, PLEASE SEE THE PROGRAMME AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE FOR REMOTE/VIRTUALLY DELIVERED TRAINING DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC)

Training Prices (please note the below are in person training prices, new remotely delivered training prices and programme is at the top of this page)

Masterclass (1 hour hints and tips)£220 (no per participant charge)
Half Day£199 (includes 1 participant)
Full Day£358.20 (includes 1 participant)
Additional participants6 or less: £47.99 per person
7 or more: £39.99 per person

For further information or to make an enquiry please email or use the contact form below