Whether your business be sales, education, training or staff development you will no doubt have used presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint to support you in delivering your sales pitch, business message or training session.

Careers BootcampIt is also quite possible that you have some point experienced the phrase “Death by PowerPoint”. Whether you have been delivering the same style of presentation for many years or maybe have had to sit through them yourself, you will know that they can be incredibly boring, even if the presenter or facilitator is particularly engaging.

Following 8 years working in schools liaison roles for further and higher education providers I have decided to share my expertise in creating interactive, engaging, fun and high impact presentations.

My name is James Wilmshurst and this year my presentations won the HELOA (Higher Education Liaison Officers Association) Innovation & Best Practice Award 2017.

SHU Zombie ApocalypseBy maximising the potential of PowerPoint using imagery, sound, effects animations and themes from popular culture I created presentations that were unrecognisable as PowerPoint. I also use principles of gamification to turn a presentation into something that an audience can engage with and become an active audience rather than a passive one improving the experience for everyone and helping important messages to be absorbed easily.

If this sounds like something that your business or organisation could benefit from then please feel free to get in touch.

James Wilmshurst