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NEW! Interactive Presentation Training now being delivered remotely. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, training sessions have now been adapted for remote delivery online. The training has also been tailored for instructing you and your team on how to create presentations that can be set up and sent as “interactive shows” or videos” than be viewed by an audience remotely on their smart device or computer. Please get in touch for details!

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Tap or click the below image on any device to see an example of how your presentations can be turned into something like this….

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Interactive PowerPoint training for education providers and businesses. Improve your design skills and learn how to use topical themes, gamification, competition, multi-media and augmented reality to create memorable and engaging presentations.

“The feedback from the team was extremely positive. They all found the training interactive and engaging and took a lot of practical skills away from the session” Jack Clare, Senior UK Student Recruitment Lead, Solent University.

Tailor made, high impact, interactive and engaging presentations for education, business, events and weddings.

Deliver your training, promote your message or sell your brand with a presentation that enables you to entertain and interact with your audience through stories, themes, games and quizzes.

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